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SAN DIEGO, this is our gift to you!

Over the course of 4 remarkable years,
we've built an unforgettable bond and accomplished remarkable milestones together.

I pulled up AI to help me calculate how many market days we had together since
launching doublebatch at
Hillcrest Farmers Market in January 2020.

Our dedicated team of cheesemongers showed up to over 1874 market days!
An astonishing number considering that a span of four years typically equals 1461 days.

We were welcomed as weekly vendors at Little Italy, La Mesa, Hillcrest, North Park, La Jolla,
Carlsbad, Poway, Pacific Beach, Leucadia and Civita. Plus all of the great vegan events ever hosted in San Diego since then.

It's unreal to reflect on our journey and see how much progress we've made –
but what truly touches us is the overwhelming support from all of you who have followed doublebatch throughout our growth.

While our cheesemongers won't be able to join you at the farmers markets in person
every weekend as its been for the last 230 saturday & sunday mornings,  
rest assured that we wouldn't dream of leaving you without your essential cheese supply.

Thinking of you, we put together a generous and exclusive promotion hoping to showcase our long-term commitment to our loyal local customers and friends.

We're offering $75 OFF, 6 months of doublebatch's top sellers delivered to your door,
FREE shipping included plus surprises gifts that I can't quite share yet!

doublebatch's last day at San Diego Farmers Markets will be Sunday, February 25th.

We will continue to be available at our online cheese shop, farmers markets in Los Angeles,
Besties Vegan Paradise, at Café Gratitude's menu and new retailers soon.

Thank you for being part of our history!

with all my love,
Amanda and doublebatch team.

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