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all plants in here.

Remember the days when you used to say "I could never live without eating cheese"?

Well, said that, been there.

And I get it – because we can't live without cheese either.

This is just the beginning of a good story that upholds the most important feeling every home cook strives for: our table deserves far better than the standard plant based food alternatives found at grocery store aisles.

we created a revered selection of specialty plant cheeses and spreads

driven by the unwavering commitment

To surpass any uninspiring food that insists on finding its way onto our plates.

Settling for anything less than exceptional is simply not an option, both for me and for you.
Step in with open mind & a never-ending craving for good food.
Cheesy puns encouraged and highly appreciated.
Come on in!

Cheese Executive Office & Head Cheesemaker

doublebatch in a nut shell


While the cheesemaking tale began in NYC, our chef and founder Amanda, envisioned doublebatch after her move to Southern California from the East Coast.

We couldn't have asked for a better incubator city than San Diego, California.

Our first sales came through DMs and doublebatch was shown immense support from the get-go selling fresh almond cheese wrapped in cheesecloth with scheduled pick-up dates at local coffee shops.

The blur


The cheese quickly found its way into the most desirable and well known open air-markets in the city only to shut down weeks later.

The world hit pause and within 24 hours into lockdown, our founder Amanda, launched and spearheaded MarketBox, a 100% vegan online farmers market, in collaboration with market managers, small farmers and food businesses in the county providing weekly delivery of grocery items & organic local produce.

This brief yet impactful venture not only placed doublebatch on the map and introduce our cheeses to San Diego's vegan scene but also facilitated over 80 food vendors and farmers to sell more than $400k worth of plant-based goodies within 9 months.

not cheese, nut cheese


As the cheeze craze unfolded before our eyes, our founding team & cheesemongers worked nearly every farmers market in San Diego and every vegan event hosted in the city ever since.

doublebatch was fully embraced by the most phenomenal and enthusiastic customers. 

We've built an unforgettable bond and accomplished remarkable milestones together. (Thank you for that!)

Have we became slightly obsessive with the idea of providing good cheese beyond our state borders? For sure. But hey, who can blame us?

The largest vegan cheese booth in SoCal markets


Within a time span of three years, our fully vegan creamery booth naturally expended and became a staple at Southern California farmers markets in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

There were countless hours spent driving through Southern California during this time, folks. Whew!

FUN FACT: In 2022 we created and launched 40 plus different items always cheese related: Meltable blocks in every flavor profile, soft cheeses, cultured cheeses, spreadables, cheese balls, cream cheese, holiday specials, waxed, new Pão de Queijo flavors, cheesy sauces, nachos, butter...

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

2023 - 2024

Driven by the growing demand for our products and looking forward to honor the opportunities, we packed our sharpies, crystals and cats & made the strategic decision to relocate to one of the most thriving vegan scene in the country, Los Angeles.

When we're not crafting cheese, discussing cheese, vending cheese, investigating cheese, or indulging in cheese, we're meticulously plotting the next stage for doublebatch plant creamery.

Don't go anywhere, cheese with us.

The good ole days are happening right now!